Chess In Schools Program for BC Elementary Schools

Chess In Schools Program
Chess2Inspire has followed up its successful implementation of the Chess-in-Libraries program with chess programs for schools. Not only is the game of chess fun to play, its benefits to children have been well researched.  Many countries worldwide have already integrated chess as an important component into their school curriculum. Chess is a game of quiet intensity that requires concentration, patience, decision making, planning and creativity. Besides developing these skills, children who play chess also score higher in math, reading, and creativity tests than kids who do not. Chess makes children smarter.
The secondary benefits of chess also cannot be underestimated. Meeting new friends and matching wits against a real opponent instead of a computer help children build important social skills. Sportsmanship is developed when children learn to win graciously and to not give up when losing. Camaraderie and team spirit are developed when children compete together as teams against other schools. 
The Chess-in-Schools initiative is led by Jeremy Hui, a National and 5-time BC Provincial scholastic chess champion, co-founder and President of Chess2Inpire.
The after school Beginner’s Chess Course consists of eight lessons that introduce kids to the rules, beginner’s strategies, and knowledge about the different phases of a chess game. The course is broken down into 5 topics covering 60 different elements of the game.
  • Beginner: Rules and Basics (20 elements)
  • Beginner: Checkmate (10 elements)
  • Beginner: Tactics (10 elements)
  • Beginner: Openings (10 elements)
  • Beginner: Endgames (10 elements)
Project Leader: Jeremy Hui
Participating schools: